Become our volunteer

The Mercy Service has been operating since 2006. At present, there’re about 1,250 volunteers at our Service who take care of children in orphanages and hospitals, help the lonely elderly, disabled, HIV-positives, and also renovate flats of those under our care.

Our volunteer drivers are indispensable when we need to transport those under our care: for example, a child or a disabled person to a clinic, hospital, church, move things, etc.

Our ‘School for Volunteers’ runs trainings and lectures on a regular basis in order to help take proper care of elderly and disabled people. In such lessons our caregiving sisters teach the basics of palliative help and provide recommendations as to how to communicate with those under their care in the most effective way.

You can join us and start to help those in need by visiting a meeting of newly-qualified volunteers. Such meetings are held every Sunday at 11:45am at St Dimitry’s Church at the First City Hospital (b. 12, 8, Leninskiy Prospect, Moscow, Russia).