Miloserdies Friends

The most effective way of supporting those under Miloserdies care is to become Miloserdies Friend.

Make the world a better place. Become a friend.

Miloserdies Friends are those who are not indifferent to other peoples trouble. They regularly donate any sum they find possible for the needs of those under Miloserdies care. Its done on a regular basis, for example, monthly and the sum might be as much as a hundredth of their income.

By becoming  Miloserdies Friend, you give us a good chance to be sure to help those who need our support most: the disabled, lonely elderly, terminally ill, and orphans.

They have literally no-one else to turn to for real help.

Miloserdies Friends mission is to Make the world a better place.

Miloserdies Friends motto is  A bit from a lot saves lives!

The easiest and most convenient way to become Miloserdies Friend and support those under our care is to make regular donations.

Become Miloserdies Friend Make a regular donation