Asylum and/or Reference Seekers’ Support Group

One-off help with food and clothes. Fundraising via website
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People from different walks of life turn to us for help. Our social workers talk to them in order to find out what kind of help is needed. Each and every request, before being granted, is carefully investigated.

Among those helped by the “Miloserdie” service are lonely elderly and disabled, multi-children families, widows, and the poor.

Depending on the kind of request, a seeker receives one-off help of medicine, diapers, clothes or food, or fundraising is announced through the website. 20 carefully investigated requests for help are uploaded onto the website monthly. As a rule, the raised funds are necessary for costly medical treatment or rehabilitation, for reconstructing shabby houses or those ruined by nature. If necessary, a seeker might be recommended to turn to volunteer “Miloserdie” lawyers for free-of-charge professional help.

At present, the Asylum and Reference Seekers’ Support Group helps about 450 seekers monthly.