Helping disabled children in a state orphanage

Our volunteers and sisters of charity work with the most severely ill children who cant walk by themselves or cater for their own needs
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Our volunteers look after seriously ill children in the State Centre Mayak (former Boarding school for Children 21). The Centre houses children with CP, Down syndrome, hydrocephaly or microcephaly, congenital blindness and deafness, etc. Our volunteers work with the most severely ill children who cant walk by themselves or cater for their own needs. They all without exception suffer from severe lack of attention and communication.

The Miloserdie volunteers have been taking part in the childrens lives since 2013. Initially, they only used to walk those most seriously ill who couldnt do so by themselves. Bit by bit, the orphans accompanied by their volunteers started leaving the Orphanage in order to go to the nearby parks and contact zoo. For some of the children, such outings were their very first ones in their lives. The volunteers do their best to help all the orphans of the place, whose number is that of 60, but theyre mostly involved in the lives of 30 children who comprise three groups.

Our volunteers take the most severely ill children to classes at the Centre of Curative Education and also to a swimming-pool. Thanks to such activities, the children who used to eat only mashed food are gradually learning to eat ordinary one all by themselves and those who couldnt identify themselves in the society now know their own names. The classes in the swimming-pool have proved beneficial, as some of the children managed to stand and make their first steps while others learnt to swim.

Our volunteers also accompany the children to medical counselling and rehabilitation sessions.