Help with food and/or clothes

Several of our projects would be grateful for help with food, clothing and other necessities:

Our 'Rescue Shed', a group working with asylum-seekers, is constantly in need of tinned meat and fish, cereals, spaghetti, sweets, tea, instant coffee, chicory, sugar, sunflower oil, fast food (e.g. Doshirak, Rolton, Maggi, Knorr), dairy durable products, baby food in sealed packages, etc.

Our Asylum and/or Reference Seekers’ Support Group  as well as the Centre of Humanitarian Aid are both glad to get household chemicals, personal hygiene products, toilet paper, paper towels, and the like.

The ‘Rescue Shed’ will be most grateful to you for clean men’s clothes and footwear.

Our 'Mum’s Home' and the Centre of Humanitarian Aid will gladly accept women’s and children’s clothes, disposable diapers for children and also personal hygiene products.

The Children’s palliative care field service is always in need of baby food and means to take good care of seriously-ill children.

Disposable diapers for adults, nappies and other means indispensable in taking care of bedridden patients; wheelchairs, toilet stools and similar medical equipment can be donated at 5, 10, Leninskiy Prospect, the Church of Our Lady of the Sign, so that they could be taken to our Caregivers’ Service at home. Please, bear in mind that prior to your visit, it’s necessary to call our service dispatcher at +7 499-705-88-20, ext.1.